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former breeders, showmen of NPGA Pygmy Goats Since 1989

goat management services are available from an experienced breeder/showman

Including: dehorning, wethering, hoof trimming, show fitting, microchipping
vaccinations and worming

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September 20, 2014


  Oak Haven Farm is located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.  It is one of the best places to live in the United States.  Sarasota has been voted one of Money Magazines best small cities in America.  Our beaches are some of the best in the world, with the Siesta Key beaches among the best of the best with it’s soft white sand.  SSSSHHHHHH Don’t tell anyone but we like Lido Beach the best!


Our Farm

Turnpike Acres Goliath,
our very first Grand Champion buck.

We use EZ-ID/AVID microchips for our herd.
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In the News:

September 20th, 2014

As of a few days ago, Oak Haven Farm is officially ended it’s 25 year run of breeding and showing NPGA Pygmy Goats or any goats for that matter. We still have a small flock of 8 mixed hair/meat sheep ewes and a two wooly rams left in our pastures. Oh.....OHF Boomer is still here, keeping the barn safe and secure as the barn and pasture sheriff.  Boomer is our 11 year old bottle wether. He’s just the best. But we are looking for Toggenburg does to repopulate the pastures. They are my favorite dairy breed after Nubians. We’re going to take our time finding the right ones. No rush here.

Carol is still running. She is training for her first half-marathon in February.  I had a great summer throwing. I placed second it the National Ultra Weight Pentathlon and third in the National Super Weight throw (56lbs) The Ultra Pent consists of throw a 25, 56, 98 , 200 and 300 pound weight for distance. Great fun.

We hope all of our goats friends are doing well. We miss seeing you. Come and see us on Facebook to see what else is shaking here in Sarasota and at Oak Haven Farm.


Gary and Carol